About Agrumia


Francesco Amato, the founder of Agrumia, has spent over two decades in the food industry, covering a variety of different roles and truly perfected the research and delivery of the finest cuisine. Only after these years of experience in sourcing only the best products did Francesco decide to branch out and strive to provide these products to a broader public. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to have kept his knowledge only within a close circle of people since he is aware of what clientele from across the globe desires. 

This capacity was also due to the fact that Francesco has lived and worked in a multitude of countries – from Italy to Thailand, from Egypt to Germany – to finally take roots (once again) in London and create a base here from which to spread his knowledge on Italian products. So Francesco set about to bring the most desired and delicious products available – products that were of superior quality and rich in tradition and yet comprising modern techniques (without ever compromising standards). It is from the knowledge and know-how of its founder that Agrumia is able to provide superior products at reasonable prices. 

Francesco’s goal is to offer discerning clients only the best in Italian food. Try it – you’ll be delighted. 


On the one hand, you have Cousin Gino Amato, a pioneer in the production of Limoncello with an artisanal liqueur laboratory in the beautiful territory of Ravello, on the Amalfi coast. His aim was to recreate the ancient recipes of Italian tradition, starting with liqueurs and then expanding into a series of delicatessen products – with a core focus on the Amalfi coast and citrus fruits. 

It was due to Cousin Gino’s effort, as well as those of other lemon growers in the area, that the Italian authorities have recognised the P.G.I. standards – lending the Amalfi coast even more fame. Gino and his wife allowed their cousin - Francesco Amato, the founder of Agrumia online – the use of the brand and to take it to the market in a global way. It is through Francesco’s 20+ year experience in the food industry around the globe that he is able to select products that are of superior quality and highly requested. 

The brand has thus significantly moved past the liqueurs and only Amalfi products, to offer a wide range of Italian delicacies with passion and quality at the forefront.

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