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It is with great pleasure and pride that we are announcing our "winners" at the Great Taste Award for 2017. This is such a fantastic news! Please see below our productsand some of the judges' comments:

Giorgio Poeta Carato "Gran Cru"

judges' comments:

  • A lovely colour and a really interesting aroma of old wine barrels. We love the notes of sour cherry coming through to balance the sweetness of the honey. The finish is really clean on the palate. We could eat this honey by the spoonful!

  • Wow, what an interesting and tasty honey, an inspiration to all!

  • This is a very individual honey - notes of raisins, prunes, sun-dried fruits of all types, barrels - and if you didn't know this was honey, you'd think it was a raisin syrup. The acacia honey integrity seems to have been elevated, but one judge felt 'lost'. Honey in a wine barrel is a great idea, just in this instance maybe the barrel has clouded the delicacy of the honey. The barrel idea might work better on a more robust honey...much discussion here about this. But we loved the product.

  • A truly gorgeous honey - we love the finish on this; subtle vinous notes - we agree there are dried fruit and sour cherry notes.  Love the delicate finish.  Some felt the acacia flavours were lost, others didn't mind this in the least.  Wonderful innovation, delightful result.

  • Velvety, raisiny, delicious, multi-dimensional, reminiscent of Vinsanto - a superb product. A treat to be able to judge this delight.


carato Gran cru aged honey in oak barrels - Agrumia

Acquapazza Colatura di Alici di Cetara

judges' comments:

  • A bright, clear liquid, with a funky aroma of aged parmesan rind. On the palate, there's a big hit of salt, a note of anchovy, more notes of aged parmesan peel.  But the finish is bright, clean, saline and long.  Love the stopper for adding umami by the drop - we imagine this is actually surprisingly versatile, given its very clean finish.


     A joyous mouthful of umami but not vicious in the mouth like other juices/sauces of this genre. Delivers a massive thwack of flavour at the start and rounds out on the finish. Lip-smackingly delicious.

  • A dark juice, a very honest flavour full of anchovies - salty and savoury. Not over powering but concentrated. There is a sweetness to this - this teased us and made us want anchovies!

colatura di alici di cetara acquapazza - Agrumia


Organic Bergamot Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

judges' comments:

  •  A pleasing, delicate aroma.  Almost too buttery though lovely subtlety.

  • A very pleasant spicy bergamot oil, real depth of flavour, we would award 2 stars.

  • Fresh citrus aromas which are less pronounced on the tongue. Lovely buttery mouthfeel but not as complex as hoped for.

  • A pleasing aroma with a peppery pungency. The bergamot comes through well and doesn't overpower the olive oil.

  • A delicately perfumed oil, not clearly bergamot, but there is some gentle bergamot on the palate.  There's a good balance between mild oil and gentle bergamot here.  Some good sweetness, and, perhaps surprisingly, excellent if gentle persistence.  Almost three stars worthy; we love the delicacy, but for three stars we'd want just a touch more bright vibrancy.

bergamot infused oil

Il Carato Honey

judges' comments:

  • A lovely colour and consistency. It has an interesting aroma maybe not as described but more citrusy.  We love the citrus notes in the flavour of this honey. It has a beautifully clean finish.

  • A lovely golden glow, with a gentle lime acidity from the acacia and very light tannin. A good acacia honey that has been enhanced by the barrel ageing.

il carato barrique aged honey in oak barrels - Agrumia

Francesco Amato
Francesco Amato

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Excellent service

I ordered limoncello as a gift but had a query about delivery. My query was answered promptly and the order processed quickly. The recipient of the limoncello is very pleased with it. Thank you Agrumia


The wine notes describing this wine are 100% accurate. Having the opportunity to purchase quality wine from the Campania region within the UK with outstanding customer service and delivery is an opportunity not to be missed.

Quick order and lovely drink!

I've been searching for a cream limoncello since last May after falling in love with it on a holiday to Italy. The delivery was so quick and it's gorgeous. Thank you!

Tastes just like a melted chocolate orange - ideal for chocolate orange martinis!

Pure molten liquorice - wonderful!