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Sfusato Amalfitano

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The King of Limoncello
Not all "limoncello" are the same. And not all lemons are right for making this sublime liqueur. After meticulous research Agrumia has found a place where this fruit grows best.

Here are some interesting facts about the Lemon from the Amalfi Coast....

The “CEDRANGOLO”, a bitter citrus fruit similar to an orange, grows along the Amalfi Coast. Its fruit is almost inedible, but when grafted onto any other kind of citrus tree we obtain the unique lemon which is typical of the Amalfi Coast called: “SFUSATO AMALFITANO”.
This fine, and fleshy lemon, rich in essential oils, gives the liqueur, an unequaled aroma and taste. Another characteristic that makes “Sfusato lemons”world famous is the fact that they can be preserved for long periods. Because of the particular micro climate of the Amalfi Coast, the right mixture of mountain and sea air and the chemical properties of the terrain, a geographical indication status (P.G.I.) has been conferred by the Italian authorities.
The first lemon trees, were brought to the Amalfi Coast by the Jewish population, during the first century B.C. By this time the Amalfi Republic had reached its apex, around 1000 A.D., lemon trees had spread throughout the Amalfi Coast territory.
Trade between the Amalfitani and the Byzantines flourished from the eighth to the thirteenth centuries. From Amalfi shiploads of precious stones, textiles and spices were unloaded and, last but not least, citrus trees to be cultivated all over the region.
Healing properties were soon discovered and Sfusato lemons were used in medicines by the famous Salerno Medical School.

We at Agrumia have chosen a small factory in the heart of the Amalfi Coast for the production of Limoncello. This factory uses only local lemons with the protecting mark P.G.I. Production begins with the harvesting of the Sfusato Amalfitano lemons, which are hand picked in the early morning to prevent fragrance from evaporating. Then the lemons are washed under running water, finely peeled with a sharp knife and immediately immersed in pure alcohol. After a few days the mixture is added to water and sugar in the correct proportions. Following the traditional recipe, no preservatives, artificial colouring or flavours are added.

Francesco Amato
Francesco Amato

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Excellent service

I ordered limoncello as a gift but had a query about delivery. My query was answered promptly and the order processed quickly. The recipient of the limoncello is very pleased with it. Thank you Agrumia


The wine notes describing this wine are 100% accurate. Having the opportunity to purchase quality wine from the Campania region within the UK with outstanding customer service and delivery is an opportunity not to be missed.

Quick order and lovely drink!

I've been searching for a cream limoncello since last May after falling in love with it on a holiday to Italy. The delivery was so quick and it's gorgeous. Thank you!

Tastes just like a melted chocolate orange - ideal for chocolate orange martinis!

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