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Important Things to know about Vesuvius wines

If you are a wine enthusiast, you have probably heard about Mount Vesuvio which is a popular wine volcano that has contributed to most legendary wines. Vesuvio’s vineyards are located on the slopes of volcano Mount Vesuvius.

For a long time, people argued that the area could not produce quality wines until the Iovine family, and other reputable winemakers proved them wrong.

Iovine Piedirosso wine from Veuvio by Agrumia
The Cantina Iovine went ahead to produce high-quality wines from the region which later became very popular.

The incredibly tasting wines are well recognized with their IGT and DOC Vesuviostatus. People are now convinced that Vesuvio wines are among the best due to their exceptional taste.

Vesuvius wines come in several different styles such as rose, white, red, and sparkling. White wines from the region are made from at least 35-80% Coda di Volpe and/or Falanghina grapes. The extra 20 per cent includes Greco or Fiano and Caprettone grapes.

Iovine Gragnano wine from Agrumia
What makes Vesuvius wines great?
Mount Vesuvio is volcanic meaning that it formed through numerous eruptions. These eruptions created a complex stratification that has made this area rich in many types of minerals.

Potassium, in particular, is quite important in winemaking because it increases sugar concentration in grapes and cherry-tomatoes among other plants.

The eruptions also contributed to the dark volcanic sand in the region. This soil composition helps to avoid grafting. About 90 per cent of vines in the region are ungrafted. Local vines are spread through a special method referred to as ‘calatura’.

Iovine Vesuvius wine slopes from Agrumia
There are different types of grapes that also contribute to exceptional wines.

Such grapes include piedirosso, caprettone, and catalanesca. Piedirosso is the main player of rose and red DOC wines. Caprettone is the main player of DOCwhite wines while catalenesca is yet another white variety that is available in the Vesuvio area.

Francesco Amato
Francesco Amato

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