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cream of buffalo milk and Limoncello liqueur - Agrumia

“You know that land where lemon orchards bloom,

Its golden oranges aglow in gloom,

That land of soft wind blowing from blue sky,

Where myrtle hushes and the laurel's high?

You know that land?

That way! That way

I'd go with you, my love, and go today.”  

Goethe words about his vision of the Mediterranean landscape.

From the land of “Citrus” The Divine Amalfi Coast, where the best Lemons grow, Agrumia has done its utmost best to find only the best in show. And, what is the best part? Well, we have achieved a masterpiece, the best Limoncello made only with “sfusato lemons” I.G.P. from the Amalfi Coast gently melt with a fine creamy Buffalo milk, collected in the area of origin of DOP buffalo mozzarella. The result; an intense, creamy, imposing liqueur which combines both passion for the territory and, the awareness of the excellent qualities of the ingredients used. A great, very special Limoncello with the unique taste of buffalo cream milk.


Francesco Amato
Francesco Amato

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Amazing service and product

I received my order, in America, in very short time and an email following up after I placed my order. Thank you so much!


Pure indulgence...one of the best pistachio panettoni (and I have eaten creations from every master you can name) you will find. Very thankful that I can find it in the UK. Top product, and top service from Agrumia.

Very good

Quick delivery.


This was ordered on behalf of friends. When they came to collect it was just had to try it...….WOW! Fantastic.....highly recommended

Very prompt delivery, good quality boxes and sweets. Would buy from Agrumia again.