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Coffee time..

Italian espresso ground coffee - Agrumia

B & B Coffee Industry is first of all the a factory, processing an agricultural product one of the most variegated , precious and requested in the world. There are more than 90 different species of the genus Coffea, shrub of medium-sized proportions, belong to Rubiaceae family, the history of coffee is mainly the story of the legendary origins of the plant, its processing and its consumption, and history of travel to all main areas of production.
The highlands of Ethiopia, those of the ancient Persia and those of Yemen, where in the city of Mocha was recorded, starting from 1450, the oldest traces of consumption of coffee’s beverage , are perhaps the birthplace of coffee, and for the accuracy the variety of Coffea Arabica, which is then recorded as the first variety of green coffee used by man for the purpose of obtaining the famous drink. Coffea Arabica needs highlands, between 1000 and 2000 meters above sea level, to grow lush and, for this reason, it proved to be more difficult now that exportable even though began to reach new areas of production already little more than two centuries after its discovery , as was the case for Indonesia in 1699.
Today, Coffea Arabica is cultivated well in the south-eastern Sudan and northern Kenya, as well as in South American countries such as Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Brazil, where, among other things, the coffee comes ever more later than in all other production sites, i.e. only in 1727.  Arabica shows a rather low content of caffeine, and is generally presented as the best coffee varieties in the world, due to the high amount of aromatic oils and natural sugars and the ability to secure a coffee with a slim and stylish body, medium dense and slightly acidic because of the richness of aromas and flavours plants.

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