In case you ever wondered where our oils....

Italian Organic Extra virgin olive oil

In case you ever wondered where our oils come from, well…there is a long connection between the UK and Calabria. Sometimes we get asked if our oils are made in the UK….and tongue-in-cheek we reply: Oh yes, the oils are from Maida Vale! Actually, the oils are some of the best the Italy produces and Maida is a town in the area. Did you know that Maida Vale was the theatre of a battle between the British and French force in 1806 and Maida Vale is named after that? There you go. Actually, that is not the only connection: the word sybarite originates from the Calabrian town of Sibari. Legend goes that when the ancient Greeks arrived in Calabria and visited Sibari, they were so impressed by the quality of the produce that the town became a synonym of those who know how to eat, drink and live it up a bit…..then a term was coined!

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