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Agrumia's Limoncello

Limoncello Liqueur from Amalfi - Agrumia

Not all "limoncello" are the same. And not all lemons are right for making this sublime liqueur. Agrumia has found a place where this fruit grows best.
The “CEDRANGOLO”, a bitter citrus fruit similar to an orange, grows along the Amalfi Coast. Its fruit is almost inedible, but when grafted onto any other kind of citrus tree we obtain the unique lemon typical of the Amalfi Coast called “SFUSATO AMALFITANO”.
This fine, and fleshy lemon, rich in essential oils, gives the liqueur, an unequaled aroma and taste. Another characteristic that makes sfusato lemons world famous is the fact that they can be preserved for long periods. Because of the particular micro climate of the Amalfi Coast, the right mixture of mountain and sea air and the chemical properties of the terrain, a geographic indication status (P.G.I.) has been conferred by the Italian authorities.

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