Balsamic Vinegar and Dressing

Balsamic vinegar in Italy is almost as much of an institution as wine or oil. There are all different types of price points and depths of flavour and intensity.

The most famous region for this is Mantua – famous for its mention in various Shakespearian plays - and here the tradition tends to get passed down for generations. So with recipes being handed down from father to son, Agrumia is happy to provide you with some of the true examples of Italian heritage that go beyond the boundaries of Mantua to become avidly consumed products worldwide.

From wine and apple vinegar, crisp and clear, to the denser balsamic variety, that is more like a cream, the Italian passion for perfection in all things culinary has been transposed into this important segment of the market. From the selection of raw materials to the process and bottling, you will be assured great balsamic vinegar and dressings.

And although technology plays an important role in today’s export, Agrumia can make you rest assured that your vinegar requirements will be met and that they will follow the traditional recipes of the past. Combining old and new, this vinegar all loved by all – from their Italian base of clients to the newer, more remote ones.

Bernardini Tartufi Truffle balsamic vinegar 50ml
Bernardini Tartufi £7.15
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Melchiori Apple balsamic aged in wood-barrels 25cl
Lucia Maria Melchiori Sold Out
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Mengazzoli Balsamic Cream of Modena IGP 320g
Mengazzoli £6.99
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Mengazzoli Balsamic Cream of Modena with Truffle 320g
Mengazzoli £8.25
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Mengazzoli Balsamic seasoning with Truffle 250ml
Mengazzoli £6.65
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Mengazzoli Balsamic Tradizionale of Modena DOP Affinato 12 years
Mengazzoli £46.50
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Mengazzoli Organic Balsamic of Modena I.G.P. spray 250ml
Mengazzoli £6.25
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Mengazzoli Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 500ml
Mengazzoli £5.50
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8 reviews
Classic wine from Piedmont

A classic gem from my favourite region x wine. Never simple, full of amazing flavour and yet very drinkable with all kinds of food. Wine as it should be


I am a regular contributor to a renowned online health newsletter so i know well the risks of buying blended olive oils of doubtful origin: either in the supermarket or online...on the other hand this superb oil is not only beautifully packaged but also has the genuine, delicious flavour of the real McCoy!...another bonus is this particular oil is not ultra finely filtered which is by far the best way to preserve all of the essential nutrients...that's not to say it is cloudy, just not crystal clear...finally once you have purchased the initial 500ml bottle(s) to use on the table to serve frpm, it's available in a variety of larger sized tins to top up your bottle enabling worthwhile savings...all in all an outstanding product and highly recommended by this regular user!...

Best Panettone EVER

This is the best panettone I have ever eaten (and I 've eaten a lot because I love panettone). Insanely delicious and chocolate heaven!!

Fantastic vinegar!!!

I love Pinot Grigio wine, so I decided to try it as a condiment as well... it is a fantastic product enhancing any dish you flavour with it. I dash it on my grilled veggies, it is just so yummy!!!!!

Thank you very much for your lovely comment. All the best from the whole Agrumia team!!!
Lovely Gift Item

Arrived quickly and exceptionally well packaged so no fear of breakage. Is displayed in a nice, formal box, and makes for an ideal gift.
Very happy with this product.
(Can’t comment on the taste as is not for me.)