Mengazzoli Balsamic Cream of Modena with Truffle 320g

The smooth Balsamic vinegar Cream of Modena flavour exalts and merges into the marked and persistent truffle features leading to agreeably marked sweet-and-sour combination with the strong typical smell and taste of the truffle.

The Balsamic vinegar Cream comes from reducing and thickening Balsamic Vinegar from Modena and also thickening finely chopped truffle tubers, as soon as the product is boiled. Then, it is left settling and afterwards, it is thickened and made creamy. In sweet-and-sour dishes containing truffle, it can be used mixed with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and ground pepper or butter, it can also be utilised to garnish and season particularly creative dishes.

Balsamic Vinegar Cream with Truffle can be enjoyed with plain dishes, such as egg pasta and risotto. Good with hot polenta garnished with Parmesan, Robiola or Taleggio cheese, fillet steak, rabbit, turkey and pheasant meat garnished with lettuce, artichokes and mushrooms. An incomparable taste can be enjoyed by combining the product with asparagus and eggs, it is unusual and curious if it’s used in chocolate cakes.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 80% (wine vinegar, cooked concentrated grape must, dye: E150d), concentrated grape juice, glucose syrup, modified maize starch, truffle 1%, maltodextrin, dextrose, thickening agent: Xanthum gum, aroma.