Pura Gluten Free Italian craft beer 330ml

Our cider-maker: Matteo Corazzolla, is also our head brewer; he is a fan of jazz music. His ingredients are the instruments in his orchestra, and the cider and beer he makes: the music!

For our beers, the ‘instruments in the orchestra’ are fresh water from the Roen mountain, and carefully selected barley, hops and yeast. When, in 2013, Matteo added a micro-brewery to our existing cider business, it was built completely to his specification, enabling him to produce small-batch brews where he can control every stage of the brewing process. 

Each of our beers is a unique expression of our raw materials, a piece of music from Matteo... enjoy! 

Pura Gluten Free Italian craft beer 330ml 

  • Medium-bodied unfiltered Italian craft ‘Hell’ / Lager-style beer
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt (Pilsner and Vienna), hops (Saaz and Herkules), yeast
  • Gluten is removed from barley malt by enzymes, resulting in a beer with less than 20ppm (parts per million) of gluten.
  • alc. 4.7% vol.
  • Tasting note: Amber colour; gentle carbonation; a smooth, rounded and lightly hoppy palate, with a soft, clean aftertaste.
  • Serving suggestion: Serve at 4 – 6 degrees as a perfect accompaniment to
    local cheeses such as ‘Dolomiti’
  • Brewer: Matteo Corazzolla