Felicetti Spaghetti Spelt Organic Monograno Line 500g

Spelt Spaghetti Organic. Spelt: has been in use since the ancient days of Celts, Egyptians and Etruscan. Skilfully our master pasta makers turn it into a premium product that during cooking releases delicate scents of machis, fresh nut and cooked aubergine. Its texture is firm and slightly crunchy, like bread crust, with a flavour that combines hints of peanut butter and red date.


Organic Diccocum Spelt flour, water.

Taste and flavour: these must be characteristic of all durum wheat pasta. There must not be unusual or extraneous odours resulting from the incorrect production or packaging and storage of the product.
Structure: must be compact with the characteristics of elasticity and stickiness. There must not be cracks or fissures.
Colour: must be light brown homogeneous.

How to cook Pasta the proper way!!!

Allergy Advice

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