Pasta is what Italy is renowned for the world over. And Agrumia allows you to order and buy pasta online from our UK store. This is because we want to make pasta available to all, as this is an ingredient that is favoured by Italians and international clientele alike.

Pasta has a heritage that is hundreds of years old and the various regions in Italy contain very different types of pasta. There are roughly 350 main varieties of dried pasta that reflect this regional diversity. Just to name a few: they go from the corkscrew variety (fusilli), much loved by children, to bowties (farfalle, the Italian term for butterfly), from wheels (ruote) to the more traditional spaghetti. Buy your pasta online today and jump onto the Italian culture with one click

Once you order your pasta, you can choose to make it in a variety of ways. Some like to keep it simple, with a basic (although delicious) tomatoes sauce. But you can make it as complex in flavours and ingredients as you like. There are millions of recipes, suitable for all palates and all culinary capacities – not to mention time restraints. And pasta is particularly good if you are time poor and want a quick and delicious meal that is both filling and enjoyable for the whole family. It is difficult not to find a pasta-lover amongst your midst.

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