We at Agrumia, are very excited to represent one of the best Italian artisanal Panettone available for you to order online. These traditional Italian cakes can now be ordered online and delivered to your UK doorstep, so that you too may partake in this delicious treat. 

Following ancient tradition, our typical Italian Panettone is prepared using a “mother dough” or sourdough, which kneads the natural yeast in cycles of three hours each, for no less than 10 hours. The total rising process takes almost 60 hours of preparation and follows various stages and steps. If you want to buy a cake online that is a genuine product, this is it. There are no secrets, no new ingredients and no new technologies. There is only a passion for doing things the correct way, with a watchful eye constantly checking for quality control.

The main ingredients are milled flour, natural yeast (our “mother dough”), fresh free-range eggs, butter, raisins, candied oranges, dark chocolate and sweet wine. What more could you want from the cakes you order online? Well, maybe simply buy two cakes online instead of one.

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