Delfino Mackerel fillets in extra virgin olive oil. 200g

We at Agrumia are proud to offer a wide range of preserved fish from "Delfino specialità Cetaresi" a small factory operating in Cetara, a town situated on the beautiful Amalfi Coast.
This factory was opened in Cetara just after World War II by Pasquale Battista, who ran it with pride and dedication until the 1990’s. Today his sons continue his work with the same passion.
Their work ethic has remained the same over the years. At their fully equipped transformation unit, the entire process is manual and carried out under the supervision of a production safety officer to ensure compliance with production standards and regulations.
But nothing has changed in the recipe for the time-honoured art of preparing the Anchovies. By following the traditional recipe, from product control, selection and transformation to preparation, the Battistas have ensured that the finished product has kept its authenticity.
These products are free of preservatives or chemical additives to ensure their natural flavour. The selection of authentic ingredients and preparation following the purest tradition explains why these products are recommended for a healthy, well-balanced diet.
The production process is entirely manual and traditional, in particular operation like canning.

Mackerel is part of the same family as tuna and therefore a great alternative. It is delicious, healthy and extremely versatile.
These mackerel fillets from the Delfino Battista family on the Amalfi coast are filleted by hand and placed in jars filled with olive oil for an unbeatable flavour and texture.
Store in refrigerator and consume within 3 days after opening.


mackerel extra virgin olive oil, salt, natural flavours.

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