Canned Seafood and Fish

Agrumia is proud to offer a wide range of preserved fish from a small factory on The Amalfi Coast, allowing you to buy canned seafood online. And who wouldn’t want to buy their can fish from one of the most iconic locations in the world, that has captured the imagination of tv stars and millionaires alike?

As for the canned fish itself, with a tradition spanning over generations, it comes from a family run business that offers products that conjoin years of tradition and modern technology. Although they follow the strict hygiene regulations dictated – in a controlled environment – the process they follow is still entirely manual.

So, one can safely say that the recipe hasn’t changed nor has it been transformed to suit the modern needs of buying can fish online. Moreover, this recipe has kept its authenticity and flavour as it already followed all the requirements for health and safety.

Since this canned fish has to follow tradition, they do not contain preservatives nor do they contain other chemical additives. We wanted you to be able to allow for our clients to buy can fish online that was healthy, tasty and could contribute to a well-balanced diet.

Delfino Tuna fillets in olive oil 200g
Delfino £4.95
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Grated Tuna Roe Bottarga 50g.
Delfino £6.30
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Ready Sauce with Mediterranean Anchovies 212g
Delfino £2.80
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