Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil

Olive oil is another staple of Italian cooking, from its cooking utilisation to its use “a crudo” (not heated) over crispy vegetables or delicious salads. You use extra-virgin olive oil in your vinaigrettes – over fresh or steamed vegetables - or to pan-fry your meats, fish or preferred greens. Or keep it simple and drizzle over warm toasted bread. This is because olive oil can be made from a variety of olives but Agrumia offers you only the best extra-virgin olive oil online – so you can enjoy it by itself.

Present in almost all cuisines of the world, Agrumia olive oil online is amongst the most delicious there is. Grown on the rolling Italian hillsides and exposed to the plentiful sunshine and Mediterranean breeze, it is made with only premium olives. They are grown throughout the country, from north to south, with each region offering different characteristics and flavours.

Our Italian olives are all handpicked and then go through only a first milling system (a cold system, that preserves all of the vitamins and minerals contained within). Our extra-virgin olive oil you buy online maintains its rich nutritional value: vitamins, minerals, monounsaturated oleic acid type (which counteracts the absorption of bad cholesterol) and antioxidants.