Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "L'ALLEGRO" 500ml

Italian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil by Agrumia a stunning combination of organic, 100% traceable, mono-cultivar Ottobratica variety from a single estate. In a sector driven by sharp practice and fraud, where it is very difficult to buy a product with confidence and of known provenance,
let us tell you first what our products are NOT:
They are NOT a random mix of different oils, of a dubious source often identified by the mysterious '' Made in the EU'' label.

What we instead offer you is:
A unique, single estate, mono-cultivar, organic oil made with the utmost care and dedication, a true product of love and passion stemming from more than 100 years of oil making. No corner is cut to produce a fantastic product packed with antioxidant and phenomenally healthy. We have wholeheartedly embraced the organic and sustainable model not only by avoiding any chemical fertilisers but also by using solar energy to power all our machines and by developing a unique system to recycle all the effluents and turn them into organic fertiliser.

In case you wonder why we haven't talked about taste yet, please rest assured, our oil offers a fantastic and well-balanced combination of harmony and taste, with subtle notes of herbs and fruit. The Ottobratica cultivar we used is renowned for containing antioxidants in large quantity

In short, a stunning combination of organic, 100% traceable, mono-cultivar oil, the taste will amaze you.

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