What pasta dish would be complete without a fantastic sauce? And what meal would be complete without a fantastic pasta dish?

But Italian sauces do not only have to be used with pasta? They can be used over grilled bread to make a warm bruschetta. They can be added to pizza dough to make a meal loved by children. And then can even be added to meat and chicken dishes.

Why not add some scrumptious "Arrabiata" sauce (its name is the Italian word for angry, it stems from the spiciness of the sauce) to a veal escalope to make a yummy piccata.

Or you can use pesto – a sauce based on basil, pine nuts and parmesan - in a variety of ways. It can be added to salads. It can be added to focaccia. It can be used as a dipping sauce for crunchy vegetables.

Whether you choose to top your pasta with a delicious carbonara, bolognese or puttanesca, you will not let your guests down.

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