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SANGUE DI GIUDA DOC Sweet Sparkling Red Wine 75cl


Sweet Sparkling Red Wine

DianavineyardsareinOltrepòPavese,stretchedalong the ridgeof the hillsthat separate thevalleyScuropasso fromValVersa,along with the45th parallel,which meansthat linecontinuesworldwide vlocationfor viticulture,winemakingexcellence.
In the countryof Castana,thesoil issandylimestone, the slopesare sunny,exposed toconstant ventilationand characterised by a seasonal trendwithlarge temperature variationsbetween dayand night,the best conditionsfor maturingofhealthy grapes,askingfew treatmentsandnaturallyturns intoa greatwine.Thewineshave been appreciatedvery much:in 2013our Sangue di Giuda “have obtained the first prizein the international competitionofLubiana. Wineis thegoalfor which you haveworkedall yearwaiting forthe new seasonis translated intoa newharvest. Ourbest winesare aged inwood barrels keptin a restored 1600 century cellar broughtto its original splendour.

Wine Appellation: SANGUE DI GIUDA DOC

Grape variety: Croatina, Barbera and Uva Rara.

Production Area:: Oltrepò Pavese

"ORTO DELLE FRAGOLE" or Strawberries orchard, owes its name from the scent of this magnificent spring fruit.

Fresh to the nose with lingering intensity on the palate and a lively cleanness with the typical sweetness of this wine variety. Lovable for the rapidity with which conquer even the most sceptical palates which soon becomes passionate. This type of wine can be produced only in a limited area of Oltrepò Pavese with three typical grapes of the area: Croatina, Barbera and Uva Rara.

Production Technique: The wine is made from hand-picked grapes in the vineyards of “La Zona della Guerra, and the Pradello Valley”. Immediately after crushing the must is filtered with a burlap filters sack, the method used in the last century. Drop by drop, the wine is gently treated to ensure it keeps its scents according to the winemaking tradition.

Serving temperatures: It should be served preferably very cold.

Pairings: Great with dessert or as meditation wine, sipping after a meal.

Vintage: 2015

Alcohol content: 8% vol

Allergy Advice: Contains sulphites.

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