Wine is one of the quintessential products that come from Italy and Agrumia has wanted to offer you only the best Italy has to offer when you buy wine online. Amongst the most traditional wine-producing regions, Italy has an incredible variety of wines (more than 350 official varieties) that are known and loved the world over. 

Going through a quick tour of the Italian wines online available for you in the UK.

The Tuscans are always a favourite. Known for their different reds, the Chianti area is possibly one of the most famous. But whilst the Sangiovese used is Chianti might be the most commonly associated, there are incredible combinations. For example, a mixture of Cabernet and Merlot that leads to a delicious wine with a great variety name: Super Tuscan.

Conversely, maybe not all know that whites are also delicious from this area with the likes of Trebbiano and Vermentino wine. Now that you can buy all of these wines online, why not take a chance to explore a few different varieties?

And there are much more Italian wine associations that you can do for each region. For Veneto think of the more exclusive Amarone or some white Soave. Sticking to the north, try a Barolo or a Nebbiolo – all from Piedmont – or have an after dinner treat with a sweet Moscato d’Asti.
Going further south you will find a Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna, a Grechetto from Umbria and a Montepulciano from Abruzzo. All interesting Italian wines with distinctive characteristics and flavours.

But wait! What about the islands? Agrumia has wanted to make sure that all your online wine requirements were met. And no collection would be complete without examples from the islands. So why not try a rich red Sicilian Nero d’Avola or an aromatic Cannonau from Sardegna?

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