Giorgio Poeta

Aged Acacia Honey Gran Cru 110g

Italian Barrique Acacia Honey aged in oak barrels "Gran Cru". “Il Carato”, that for a silly game, becomes “Carato Gran Cru”. Our acacia honey dominating the scene is pure, aged in barrels where Kurni wine has rested for several months. Kurni Is the most particular and loved red wine in the Marche region. Its smell reminds of dried fruit, sour cherry, cherries, stewed prunes, with some strong, marked notes touches of burnt. Its colour is very deep with scarlet reflexes that remind of Kurni that has previously rested in the same barrels. 

It is with great proud and joy that we are announcing a historic milestone achieved by Giorgio Poeta's honey, his "Gran Cru" creation has won the 3 Stars Great Taste Award

Great news! Acacia Honey "Gran Cru" Great Taste 3-star award-winning product is featured in the 2017 Great Taste Top 50 Foods List.

With strong commitment and passion, Giorgio Poeta the creator of the honey brand finally realised his most hidden dream: creating unique products. In 2011 he was awarded the prize “Oscar Green” thanks to his Carato honey, the first honey in the entire world which is aged in wood barrels. After this success, the product range has been enriched with the “Idromiele” (honey-fermented nectar) and “La Stella”, a perfect blend of honey and anise. Creating fine products for every kind of taste is the main target of this farm.

A range of products made to satisfy the most refined palates.

Ancient tastes which tell all the passion that is put by Giorgio Poeta in his products.