Limoncello from the Amalfi Coast

No two Limoncello’s are the same, whereby I limoncello we mean that special liqueur made from only the best lemons. Traditionally this delicious liqueur – best served ice cold from the freezer – is a heritage of the Amalfi coast region and Agrumia has done its utmost best to find only the best in show. And, what s the best part? It is that you can now buy the best Italian limoncello online and get it delivered to your UK doorstep!

The lemons used to obtain this “sweet nectar” is a particular variety that has been grown for centuries for this purpose, crossing the cedrangolo (a bitter citrus) with ordinary Amalfi lemons, to create a breed that is one of a kind. These rich, ripe, fleshy lemons are filled with essential oils and give the liqueur its characteristic taste. The lemons are grown in a particular microclimate, where sun and Mediterranean breeze mix, giving them the chemical properties that allows them the geographic indication status (I.G.P.) of the European Union.

Before buying your limoncello online, let us give you a little bit more of context. The history of lemons used for Italian limoncello steps in a very old tradition. Indeed, the Jewish population first brought them to the Amalfi coast over two thousand years ago. They then continued to be the object of foreign attention, as they were the focus of trade with the Byzantine Empire – where they were shipped to by the ton.

Agrumia has wanted to fulfil your online requirements for limoncello, choosing only the best limoncello production in the Amalfi coast. And you could not want to buy a limoncello online that did not guarantee their P.G.I. status. With all steps of the process accounted for, from the handpicking of the Amalfi lemons to the process using a traditional recipe, you can rest assured that the limoncello delivered to your door will be without preservative, artificial colourings and added flavourings.

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