Italian liqueurs are another speciality and Agrumia has wanted to bring to you only the best of Italian liqueurs and spirits available online. These can be enjoyed at different times in your evening – from pre-dinner aperitif to an after-dinner digestive. There is no way to go wrong with this fine selection. 

These wonderful liqueurs are usually defined by their main ingredient. For example, there is a special liqueur called “concert of herbs” - made from an infusion of herbs spices, barley and coffee – which was first invented by a nun in the convent of Pucara, a small village in Tramonti on the "Costa d'Amalfi". Or Meloncello, a refined recipe, that combines the fragrant flavour of melon with the delicacy of milk.

Limoncello is an Italian tradition and a staple in most homes. Agrumia offers both a delicious Limoncello (that aids in digestion) as well as the cream of Limoncello that adds a cream to the tart, tangy taste of the lemons. There is also a third variety that adds chocolate to the classic lemon favourite.

Or you could also go a little more creative with the prickly pear liqueur – another favourite brought to you by Agrumia from the Amalfi coast.
But the options don’t end here. Try the chocolate and orange variety. Or maybe enjoy an elixir made from liquorice root.

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