Olives & Pickles

Olives are a staple of Mediterranean cuisine and their history dates back thousands of years. One of the most loved and utilised ingredients – from Greece to Turkey, from Italy to Spain – olives are not available to buy online.

Italy is one of the biggest producers of olives with over thirty different varieties and Italian olives are favoured the world over. It is where the sun and sea breeze meet that you obtain only the best olives and Agrumia is happy to offer you a wonderful selection of olives online.

Olives come in all different hues and sizes. From the smaller rounder bright green ones to the larger juicier dark violet ones. While black olives had a nutty – more subtle – taste, green ones tend to be more zesty and bitter. The difference in the olives comes from the variety of olive, the area where they are cultivated and the amount of time that they are allowed to mature on the tree.

Whichever type of olive you may choose to indulge in, what is certain is that they are all extremely nutritious given their antioxidant capabilities. So why not buy your olives online and enjoy some extra nutrients in your diet.

Tuna stuffed chilli Peppers in oil 314g.
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Tuna stuffed Green Olives 314g
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