Agrumia Liquorice Liqueur 50cl

Liquorice Liqueur by Agrumia a craft liqueur obtained by the infusion of the famous Calabrian liquorice roots. Liquorice also called by Italians: "black soul" is an excellent sweet and digestive liqueur. If you like liquorice, you will love this intensely flavoured product.


Alcohol hydrate, sugar, liquorice flavouring, concentrated liquorice extract, natural flavourings.

Alcohol Strength

Recommended Use

After meal digestive, and a great dessert, or meditation liquor.

On every order made of two bottles of any liqueur from our range, you will get a free handcrafted Limoncello Cup. Made with natural clay, hand painted by our pottery artist Luca.

SIZE: Approximately 6 cm tall x 5 cm wide.

Each piece is individually crafted with the “Agrumia” script in the back, depicts a yellow lemon, with light green leaves on a white background in the front. A ring of light red surrounds both the top and the bottom of each cup.


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