Stocks and condiments

Agrumia offers the unique opportunity for you to buy premium Italian stocks and condiments online. And as all of you know, Italian herbs and spices are a key ingredient to a winning dish. This is because they enhance and add flavour to all types of recipes. 

Italy is well known for its intense herb variety. Grown in the sunny countryside, these dried condiments pack a lot of flavours.
You can now buy all of your spices online and introduce a little bit of Italy into your diet. Choose amongst our spicy chillies, oregano, parsley, bay leaves, basil, sage, rosemary and thyme. You will have an endless variety of dishes to make with the addition of these fantastic Italian spices and condiments.

These condiments are not only useful for Italian recipes but can be used in all cuisines and recipes. Their use can be traced back centuries and they will add both flavour and colour to your dishes.

Buy your spices, stocks and condiments online today and start roasting your potatoes by adding a scattering of rosemary and rock salt, for example. Add some sage, butter and Parmesan to some tortellini or some oregano to your pizza and your tomato sauce. Use chillies to add zing to all of your dishes. The list goes on and the options are endless.