Wines from Abruzzo

Wines from Abruzzo: Despite the mountainous region of Abruzzo having only half of the vineyard land of regions like Tuscany, the region still produces more than 22 million cases of wine annually. This is partly because of the high permitted yields of Abruzzo's main DOC region (as much as 100 hectolitres/hectare) as well as the government mandated the use of high-producing tendone vine-training systems installed in the 1970s. Particularly on the fertile hillsides and plain of the southern Chieti province, vineyards warmed by the dry Adriatic breezes during the summer can produce prodigious yields. Of all the provinces in Italy, Chieti is the fifth largest producer of wine in Italy.

The dominant varieties of the region are the red Montepulciano and the white Trebbiano d'Abruzzo grape which was once considered a clone of the "insipid" Trebbiano Toscano. Verdicchio, Pecorino, Ciliegiolo, Passerina just to name a few of the fantastic grape varieties this region has to offer.

We at Agrumia want to offer you some of the best wines Abruzzo can produce. From Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Trebbiano, and much more....
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