Wines from Lazio

Wines from Lazio  Historically the vineyards around Rome have been important areas for the production of white wine. The ancient Romans praised the local wines, although it is fabled that Horace most admired the red Falernian and Caecuban from the southern coast and Campania. The name Frascati is synonymous with Latium as well as the legendary white wine Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefascione. It is said that this last wine gained its unusual name, meaning "It is!" repeated three times after it was scrawled on a cellar door by a servant who was sent to seek out drinking establishments that served wine suitable for the bishop for whom he worked.

We at Agrumia want to offer you some of the best wines this region can offer. From Frascati, Trebbiano, Orvieto and much more.
“Life's too short to drink bad wine...”