Mengazzoli traditional balsamic vinegar Modena aged 12 years - Agrumia

The refined traditional D.O.P. Balsamic Vinegar “Affinato” from Modena is cooked on heater flame outside, followed by natural fermentation and acetification of must after a series of transfers between casks to get a low ageing and perfect maturation, according to the Modena tradition.

Bernardini Tartufi is a young company with a long experience, motivated by the knowledge that the truffle is one of the most outstanding products that the territory could offer. Truffle, preserved truffles, truffled products. White and black truffles. Made in Italy give taste to your recipes."
Sal De Riso Pastries - Agrumia
Sal De Riso Italy’s Most Famous Pastry Chef. An innovator in the world of pastries, he’s Internationally recognised for his creations based upon some of the best products such as the “Sfusato Lemon I.G.P.” in the tradition of his home territory the “Divine Amalfi Coast”.

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