Agrumia "Mari e Monti" Hamper

Our "Mari e Monti" Hamper is a wooden box packed with some of our best seafood and vegetable spread/sauce products, chosen for you to send to family, friends and colleagues who are passionate about Italian goodies. 

The Hamper showcases some of the best range of preserved fish, seafood sauce and vegetable spread from "Delfino" factory on the Amalfi Coast

All the products are as shown individually on our website and are also described in detail below:

  • Delfino Asparagus cream 212g
  • Delfino Mediterranean Anchovy ready sauce 212g
  • Delfino Colatura "anchovy sauce" 100ml
  • Delfino artichoke cream 212g
  • Delfino Mackerel Fillets In Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 200g

This Hamper can also be arranged accordingly with your need and requirements, on a bespoke basis.


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