Capers in Sea Salt ml. 212

Capers are an integral and essential element of the Mediterranean pantry.
Capers are the immature, unopened flower buds of the caper bush. From early April until September, the newly formed firm buds of the caper bush are harvested by hand every 8 to 12 days, resulting in 9 to 12 harvests during this hot sunny period. To bring about the complex flavour of the capers they must undergo lactic fermentation and curing. Capers are first dried in the sun and then packed under layers of coarse sea salt. During the first 5 to 9 days, the capers undergo lactic fermentation which will develop their intense characteristic flavour. The capers are cleaned and washed and packed again under fresh new sea salt for at least two more weeks. Most culinary experts prize capers packed in salt because of their more intense and bright flavour compared to those packed in brine or vinegar along with a noticeably firmer texture when cooked. 

Capers, and sea salt.

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