Cesari Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore 75cl

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"Mara” is a classic Valpolicella Superiore di Ripasso. It is a wine of experience and tradition. Few wines are capable of expressing their history, their territory and their production technique so distinctly. It is produced with a method that is so special as to place it among the most curious and interesting of wines.
This Valpolicella is refermented in the month of January on dregs of Amarone, from which it acquires part of its body and fragrance.


The “Ripasso” technique has a history of use in Valpolicella, and consists of refermenting the wines of the same year’s vintage or that of previous years on fermented dregs of the dried grapes used to produce Amarone. Essentially, this serves to strengthen the Valpolicella, which is made from a blend of grapes consisting of about 70-75% Corvina Veronese, 20% Rondinella and 5% Molinara, and make it more robust, drawing what is left from these noble dregs. The refermentation lasts 15/18 days and the Valpolicella wine that has thus been “made over” acquires color, structure, fragrance and tannins, as well as about 1-1.5 percent more in alcoholic level than the original wine. After it is finally racked off in February and March and has undergone its malolactic fermentation, the wine is left to mature for about 12 months in barrels of Slavonian oak (80%) and French oak tonneaux (20%).
Ageing is completed by resting in bottles for almost 6 months.


Already from the first olfactory examination the characteristic notes of ripe fruit, fruit preserve and cherries can be perceived. Its incredible persistence is striking: it lingers on the palate, where it opens in all its power with a warm, elegant body.
Pairing and serving
Best matched with game, grilled and stewed meats. Serve at a temperature of 18-20°C. Uncork at least two hours before pouring.



Allergy Advice:
Contains sulphites.

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