Giorgio Poeta

Mead Honey Wine aged in Oak Barrels 375ml

Mead Honey Wine aged in Oak Barrels - I’M IdroMiele Barricato. It is a fermented drink that can reach about 14% of alcohol. It’s composed of a blend of acacia honey, sunflower honey and Stachys honey and pure spring water that is led to be fermented to create this alcoholic drink. In your mouth, it remains enchanting, etched, not extremely sweet, with a pungent smell. 

Idromiele's evolution gives rise to the Idromiele Barricato which, unlike its first-born is left rest in French durmast barrels giving it amber hues and flavours reminding the wood where it rests, the sandalwood, the black pepper and the ripe peach.
The Idromiele Barricato matches perfectly with cheeses seasoned appetiser, with desserts, with chocolate or jam cakes. 


Alcohol content:

Limpid yellow

Hints of hay, olive oil and red fruit

Excellent if served chilled around 12 degrees.

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