Giorgio Poeta

Acacia Honey with Star Anise 28g

Acacia Honey with Star Anise, La Stella obtained by adding to delicate acacia honey three stars of anise. The sublime smell of anise, so particularly spicy but persuasive, amplifies the peculiarity of vanilla and sugared almond, creating the perfect match for everybody who wants to discover ancient smells and new tastes. 

Excellent as a sweetener for coffee, barley coffee, green tea or even better on a piece of ripe peach. 

With strong commitment and passion, he finally realised his most hidden dream: creating unique products. In 2011 he was awarded the prize “Oscar Green” thanks to his Carato honey, the first honey in the entire world which is aged in wood barrels. After this success, the product range has been enriched with the “Idromiele” (a honey-fermented nectar) and “La Stella”, a perfect blend of honey and anise. Creating fine products for every kind of taste is the main target of this farm.

A range of products made to satisfy the most refined palates.

Ancient tastes which tell all the passion that is put by Giorgio Poeta in his products.

It is obtained by adding to delicate acacia honey three stars of anise.





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