Mengazzoli Balsamic Tradizionale of Modena DOP Affinato 12 years

The traditional D.O.P. Modena balsamic vinegar of Modena "Affinato", a 12 years old Balsamic Vinegar, in the classic 100ml drop-shaped bottle. Produced with the natural methods according to the Modena tradition.

The refined traditional D.O.P. Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is cooked on heater flame outside, followed by natural fermentation and acetification of must after a series of transfers between casks to get a low ageing and perfect maturation.

The process asks for the use of specific grapes such as Trebbiano, Lambrusco Spergola and Berzemino, involving ageing inside barrels in different kinds of wood, mainly oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry and juniper, providing for specific organoleptic and unique features to this great typical Italian made product.

  • Ingredients: Cooked grape must
  • Aspect: Typical dark brown
  • Consistency: Dense liquid
  • Color: Dark brown tending to black
  • Scent: Typical aromatic, acidulous 
  • Taste: Aromatic, round, full-bodied, acidulous

The taste of this " Balsamic Affinato" is incredible - It is distinctive and it has unique density. It is also very versatile and goes very well with meat, fish, parmesan and other cheeses, strawberries and other desserts and it can also be used in cocktails. It is simply one of the best Balsamic Vinegar on the market...


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Amazing service and product

I received my order, in America, in very short time and an email following up after I placed my order. Thank you so much!


Pure of the best pistachio panettoni (and I have eaten creations from every master you can name) you will find. Very thankful that I can find it in the UK. Top product, and top service from Agrumia.

Very good

Quick delivery.


This was ordered on behalf of friends. When they came to collect it was just had to try it...….WOW! Fantastic.....highly recommended

Very prompt delivery, good quality boxes and sweets. Would buy from Agrumia again.