Our Pasta Hamper

Hampers are great for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, or Corporate looking for a way to please they clients or employees, or just as a gifts for friends, family members and business colleagues, we at Agrumia have a wide range of handmade wicker baskets, and a great variety of Italian excellent food products, that can accommodate any needs you have.

What's in:
1 Package of Felicetti Kamut Pasta of your choice from our line
1 Package of Felicetti Spelt Pasta of your choice from our line
2 Bags of Fileja pasta from Fiorillo of your choice from our line
4 Bags of organic pasta Felicetti of your choice from our line
and a beautiful hand made natural Wicker Basket.

This Hamper can also be arranged accordingly with your need and requirements, on a bespoke basis.




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