Calabrian Organic 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil 3lt

Calabrian Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil by Agrumia a stunning combination of organic, 100% traceable, mono-cultivar Ottobratica variety from a single estate.

The Pata family have been making olive oil for more than 100 years. They have always been at the forefront in their search for ever-improving quality and in recent years have fully embraced a holistic, ecological approach whereby all the energy used to power the plant is obtained from solar panels and all the effluents are fully recycled.
In a sector plagued by malpractice and abuse, we are proud to offer to all our customers a fully certified organic, single estate extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. 

This stunning oil combines very low acidity with very high anti-oxidant content. Beautifully balanced and harmonious, with hints of basil and fruit, the oil is simply a perfect combination of taste and healthiness.
No wonder it has been winning prizes year in year out.

Just try it, at the price we are offering it is fantastic value and we promise: You will not be disappointed!!




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