Risotto Diavola (Spicy Risotto) 200g

A great pre-mixed ready to be cooked risotto, practical and extremely healthy.

Carnaroli rice grows in the Piedmont and Lombardy regions of north-west Italy. A short grain, plump Italian white rice, Carnaroli is considered one of the best rice to use in the preparation of Risotto. Carnaroli has a larger grain than the other Italian white rice varieties but still cooks to a creamy texture with a firm body. Widely considered the finest of the risottos rice varieties, carnaroli has been nicknamed "the caviar rice". It is slightly more sensitive with regard to cooking time and can absorb large amounts of liquid, but carnaroli's creamy texture and improved flavour keep it a favourite for chefs everywhere risotto is popular.
Carnaroli rice is usually more expensive than other Italian rice. It is more difficult to grow and harvest, the plants break easily, are more disease prone, and the grains of rice break more during processing. The quality or variety of short-grained Italian rice may not be as important in risotto as the cooking technique. Carnaroli is more forgiving when cooked, it absorbs more liquid and seems to reach the creamy al dente texture easily.

Ingredients: Carnaroli rice, chilli pepper, paprika, tomatoes.

How to prepare: Mix 5 tablespoons of oil or butter in a skillet. Add content and stir it for a few seconds. Pour 75cl of vegetable broth and, keep stirring until cooked. Season with fresh butter and salt and pepper to taste.

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I really love this, I think ithe traditional pasta recipe is fantastic. One day I will go to Cetera to see how it is made. It comes very well packaged.


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Soft, silky but firm too - each one a little cushion of wonder! I wondered what all the fuss was about. Now I know. Pasta is not just pasta.