Apple Liqueur Mela Annurca 50cl

Apple Liqueur with "Mela Annurca". A fresh and pleasantly scented liqueur made from the famous IGP Annurca apple. Agrumia is proud to introduce, what is believed to be the" Queen of all apples". Gently transformed into this delicious nectar, made from annurca apple, a sweet-smelling fruit, with its distinctive acidulous pleasant characteristic.

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, glucose, a distillate of annurca apple, apple juice, and spices.

Alcohol strength:

25% vol.

Recommended use:

After meal digestive, and a great dessert, or meditation liqueur.

Agrumia does not sell any alcoholic beverages to individuals who are not 18 years old, and by placing an order, you warrant and represent to us that you are at least 18 years of age.

On every order made of two bottles of any liqueur from our range, you will get a free handcrafted Limoncello Cup. Made with natural clay, hand painted by our pottery artist Luca.

SIZE: Approximately 6 cm tall x 5 cm wide.

Each piece is individually crafted with the “Agrumia” script in the back, depicts a yellow lemon, with light green leaves on a white background in the front. A ring of light red surrounds both the top and the bottom of each cup.